My van’s a small place. Sure I’m going to make it homey, but it’s kind of a given for me that I’ll be living out of it, not living in it. It’ll be like my sleeping quarters, and the whole city will be the rest of my house. I’m really excited about this: I’m going to be out in the world all the time. I think it’s going to give me a whole different perspective on things.

Today I scoped out the library, because I expect that’ll be one of my main haunts. Obviously I’ve been there before, but today’s the first time I’ve gone there with all the time in the world to read whatever I want, knowing that tomorrow I can come back and look at more, and the next day and the next day. I can learn whatever I want! Who knew? I can also charge my phone and computer at the desks, access free wifi, work on my sketchup and photoshop skills, draw stuff… that enormous curvy cathedral is going to be my daytime office!!! Ah, but I didn’t stay… I checked out my treehouse books and came back to my nice little apartment to read them. Gotta soak up the comfort while I still can!