I need to start a list of all the people that have been offering to let me come inside for a while. People are so kind! Although the whole purpose of this exercise is to be self-sufficient and independent in my little rolling home, I know it’ll get cold sometimes, and lonely sometimes.

Also if I go further with this idea that I have a serious job— which is to go swimming in the mornings and to the library in the daytime to work on projects and learn about architecture and then to yoga in the evenings and then find a new spot to park and sleep at night— then it makes sense that I should get a few days off work every week. Right? I’m picturing that I’ll work my ‘job’ Monday to Friday and then go visit a different friend each weekend. Awesome!

I’m looking forward to connecting with people this way; there are so many that I haven’t been able to stay as close to as I’d like, simply because we’re all leading our busy lives. What a great way to get some real quality time with people, not just the once- or twice-yearly catch-up. And to form new connections too.

So, many thanks to all who offered, I’ll be coming soon! And if you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for??? (ha ha, just kidding)