Have you ever noticed when you’re introduced to something you’ve never seen before you start seeing it everywhere?

I’m sure they’ve always been around, but those big american vans from the seventies— you know, they have tall fibreglass roof extensions with little windows in them, and a lot of them seem to be growing algae— well all of a sudden they’re everywhere. And here’s the really weird thing: I think… I think… I think I’m starting to think they’re beautiful!!!
Anyway the reason I bring it up is, it finally occurred to me those are not peoples’ daily commuter vehicles: people live in them. Which means there are other vandwellers, maybe lots of them.

So now I have another goal for this project: to start meeting these people, to find the secret vandwelling society and become a member, and start going to their parties! I’ll keep you posted.

Unless of course the initiation involves a vow of secrecy, in which case you may never hear from me again…