Okay, I can’t contain myself any longer. I was going to wait and post pictures of the van once I had truly finished with everything, but I’m so utterly pleased with myself today that I have to jump the gun and tell you about the components now!

So here are some photos of the van, showing it empty, then with the bed frame installed, then with the platform in bench mode. Support doors swing out and the platform unfolds to go to bed mode, which currently also locks the shelving in place (I haven’t thought of a better way to secure the shelf, so for now I can only drive in bed mode).

I’ve made panels for the windows out of polystyrene insulation covered in shaggy burgundy fabric… I’ll leave most of these in place; the side mirrors on the van are quite convex, allowing the same kind of visibility as a delivery truck.

And today I finished the cover for one of the mattresses… this is what I’m so pleased about. After sewing twenty little squares of reinforcing fabric onto the back of a big piece of faux fur, I put twenty snap pieces in place such that the whole thing wraps up and covers the mattress, but can still be unfolded and used as a blanket! The snaps are almost invisible, they disappear under the fur. The mattress gets narrower towards one end, that’s to match the contours of the side of the van.

For me this is further proof of how constraints feed creativity. I only thought of using snaps because I didn’t want to have to learn to use a sewing machine, and now I have a product that makes me even happier than a plain old sewn furry mattress cover would!

Okay, so now I just need to make one more cover like that (ugh, that means sewing another twenty little squares), then I’ll post pics of what it looks like with all the components together.