I’m going to try to take a picture of every new place that I wake up, to celebrate the fact that each morning it’ll be different.

I’ve known all along where my first official night out would be. Years ago I used to live just east of the PNE, almost in Burnaby. I would take my dog for walks along a funny little road with nothing on it, that overlooks the freeway right where it hits the second narrows bridge. From there you can walk foresty paths up the inlet into Burnaby where you can see deer frolicking in amongst the Chevron holding tanks. I like the spot not because it’s beside a freeway, but because it has a backstage feel to it. Clear mornings are gorgeous there, it feels like you can spit and hit the mountains, and at the same time you can watch all the little people in their little cars frantically going to work. Hey look, I think that’s my old boss!