That’s my van lurking in a dark corner of the parking garage in my building. And yes I did sleep in it last night, I just didn’t move it anywhere. I’m down to the crunch now, only one more day in the apartment, and the only way I could face sorting through all the crap that kept on appearing in the back of all the closets and cupboards without losing my mind was to drink a glass or two of wine while doing it. Okay, maybe it was 4 or 5. Anyway, by 3am I’d finished sorting and boxing and piling everything, and I was definitely not driving anywhere.

I often get asked if it’s hard to get rid of stuff. Today my answer to that question is no, the hard part is dealing with it responsibly instead of chucking it all into the nearest dumpster. How did I collect all this crap, and how did I fit it all in a 1-bedroom apartment???