At my old workplace I think I had a bit of a reputation for being hyper-organized. Thank god, because it’s suddenly become clear that the only way this is going to work is to:

  • go through all the things I thought I really couldn’t do without and get rid of half of them… the right ones, too!
  • make some structural changes to my bed to make access to the storage underneath easier
  • decide on a place for every item that’s staying, and leave it there rigorously

This morning went fairly well all things considered, but each time I wanted to retrieve something I had to move seven other things and then put them back, and then I’d turn around and the thing I’d retrieved had disappeared. Or it wasn’t in the place I could have sworn I’d put it. I really, really, really wanted to go swimming this morning, and due to all this shuffling and losing things it just couldn’t happen. It will though… it’ll come.

This was the first time I really hung out in the van in bench mode… here’s what it looks like:

Okay… there’s more to write about but I’m determined to get to work (today that’s a 10:45 yoga class followed by going to the library), so I’ve gotta jet. Later!