Careful observers will note that the title of this post lies: this snapshot is only the fifth, because yesterday morning I was in such a hurry to get back to my apartment to continue sorting and boxing and cleaning that I forgot to take a picture. But someday soon I’m going back to that spot to take a photo, then I’ll write a new post with a fake date, thereby telling a complete truth with two lies.

Anyway, today’s photo: 4th & Lakewook. The intersection is right at the crest of a steep hill, with views in three directions. I chose the location because it’s close to my friend Angela’s house; she helped me with my very very last task yesterday, and then accompanied me for a little burning ceremony in Clark Park. After that we murdered two plates of late-night chinese food.

I’ve also learned that parking on slopes is a nice way to sleep, when you’re pointed the right way.