Chilly last night, huh?

So far the combination I’m using is working well: 3-4 wool blankets, flannel sheets, a toque, one candle, and last night I even had a sheep skin over the bottom part of the bed. I woke up warm and toasty, except for my nose. I don’t like having my face covered, so I had to use the blankets and my arms to build a little warm cave for my nose that still got enough fresh air. I was able to fall asleep again, but eventually I moved around and my cold nose woke me up again.

There’s a more serious problem from the cold though, which is condensation. The air I exhale all night is full of water that condenses on the cold surfaces: glass and metal. I was mainly worried about the window panels getting musty and mildewy, but I’ve learned that there’s a bigger problem that I can’t even see. My van wasn’t intended for camping, so it isn’t insulated, which means behind the plastic wall paneling is bare metal, which will quickly start to rust from all this moisture. Moisture is the enemy!

So the idea of getting a heater felt like cheating at first, but I accept it now :)