I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before… part of my plan is to avoid driving as much as possible. Makes sense, right? Save the fossil fuels! (switching to biodiesel soon btw) Save my money too. Sometimes I’ll need to use the van for an errand, but for the most part I want to only drive it once each day, to my new sleeping spot.

But I still need to get around: to the pools, the libraries, yoga. At first I was picturing getting a bus pass, or sneaking onto the skytrain, but so far the dry cold weather has been perfect for walking. I’ve been walking everywhere, and it’s so good! What a different way of connecting with your world. You see more of what’s around you, and even though it’s only in passing, you’re amongst real people almost every moment, often making eye contact or smiling, sometimes saying hello. And it slows you down, in a good way. I’m used to biking as my main mode of transport, but even that seems too fast to me now.

At one point I said this project was about home, and it sounds corny but I have to say it: walking is a beautiful way to remind yourself that this place, these streets, this city, is home.