As per the Day 1 post, I’ve gotten rid of one more box full of stuff, and moved things around so that most of the items I’m likely to need often are easy to access. The Structural Adjustment Program for the bed will have to wait (IMF joke, not very funny). But in order to stay sane the other thing I’ve had to organize is my routine. Some examples:

  • I try to remember to pull out clean clothes for the next day before I go to bed so I don’t have to go rooting around for them in the morning. Best is to bring them right under the covers with me so they’re warm when it’s time to put them on :)
  • First thing when I wake up (or rather, when I get up, which is usually after a half hour of snuggling deeper into my warm blankets and pretending to still be asleep) I now have a little wet-nap bath, even if I think I’m going to get a shower somewhere. Experience has shown that plans for showers can go awry.
  • Strange as it sounds, showers can also happen when I’m not expecting them, so I bring all my shower stuff with me whenever I leave the van.
  • For that matter, I also need to take advantage of electrical outlets, so when I leave the van I also bring devices/cords/chargers… all this is made possible by my incredible new backpack! I know, I know… I just sold or gave away 95% of my stuff so buying more is silly, but this keeps me and all my necessities organized, I love it.
  • If I’m going to hang out in the van, I have to choose the timing strategically to avoid steaming up the windows. I can’t use the defrost because it makes the crack in my windshield grow another few inches in length (it’s at 7″ now… new windshield on order).
  • Next thing to figure out (this is going to need its own post someday): a healthy van diet. So far I’ve been eating very well with friends, but if it weren’t for them I’m afraid it’d be a steady diet of samosas and pizza.