Brrrrrr… I woke up and my tomatoes were frozen (yes I mean real tomatoes, ya sicko)! I think it was minus 6 last night? Interesting though, under my blankets I was still warm, even though it was literally below zero in the van. And I still have a few more blankets I’m not using, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be okay through the winter.

Anyway, last night’s spot was 18th & Sofia, a spot I chose for its proximity to yoga and to the Biltmore (the Biltmore hosted a tribal bellydance performance last night that my friend was in… so so fun!!!), and for its lovely old houses on each corner. These old townhouses are my favourite, I imagine a really tight little community living here…

Also on this corner: a little old treehouse, and some guerilla mosaic work in the sidewalk with flower petals and the words Desire, Ask, Believe.

North of here it’s all 70’s apartment buildings, and to the east it’s all Vancouver Specials. They’re styles I haven’t yet grown a fondness for, but maybe if I explore them more I’ll find something I like?