There are so, so many things I wish I’d done differently when I was converting the van. Every once in a while I’ll write about one of them (hopefully once I’ve found a solution). Here’s the first one.

When I was building my bed I cut the mattress in half to make two long narrow ones, so that when it’s in bench mode one piece becomes the backrest. I was hoping that  when they’re in bed mode my fitted sheet would be tight enough to hold the two pieces snugly together, but I was wrong. They drift apart slightly and I can feel the crack… it’s not uncomfortable, just noticeable, and normally easy to avoid because it’s off centre. I think the way around this would be to make that lengthwise slice at a low angle, say 30˚, to make the two sides of the mattress overlap. That way they could drift apart a bit but there would be no space between them, just slightly less thickness of foamy.

Saturday night I had a lovely houseguest, and our shenanigans, um… widened the crack. Yes, many jokes ensued. Anyway since then I’ve realized it wasn’t a design flaw at all, it’s perfect! I sleep on my side, and if I let my hip sink into the crack my back feels better in the morning than if I avoid it entirely. And now the sensation is kind of nice, it feels like someone has their hand on my bum all night. Design flaw resolved!