I’ve got to wonder how well I’ve learned the lessons of materialism. Sure I just got rid of just about all my stuff, but I still need this, and that, and… I keep thinking that once I have just the right gear, everything will be perfect and I can stop buying things. Today I spent $200 on a pair of shoes. It does make sense from one perspective: I’ll be walking everywhere in winter in Vancouver and I need to keep my feet dry. The $80 I spent on a backpack could be justified the same way. $100 on a heater, yup. $25 on a microfiber towel? Sure, why not! But what am I going to really really really need tomorrow? It’s endless.

When I quit my job I assumed I’d just automatically learn how to make do with less, and to resist the temptation to buy whatever seems essential in the moment. I assumed my spending habits would change because they have to. It’s looking like the only way I’ll learn to stop is when I’ve spent it all.

Can you believe part of my old job sometimes involved helping people learn how to make and follow a budget??? I definitely faked that part. I know the theory, but I just can’t make myself do it.

Does anyone have any advice here?

Btw, I love my shoes ;)