Ah, the interconnectedness of things. Beautiful, isn’t it? I wish I could say that I was able to appreciate that beauty at 3:40am when I woke up deep in the crack (see flaw #1) with my bedding everywhere it wasn’t supposed to be, trying to tie me up and smother me. I can’t of course. No, all I was able to appreciate was the total ridonculousness of a) getting up in the middle of the night to make the bed, and b) of doing so while sitting on top of it. Anyway here they are, the interconnected design flaws.

#2: Bed Platform. I designed the thing to fold in half down the middle, in order to create a bench for daytime use and to access storage underneath. The problem is that in order to fold or unfold it I need to move it through space that’s already occupied by two foam mattresses, four wool blankets, a large memory foam pillow, two large bags of clothing, and me. It’s awkward.

#3: Fur Properties. Fur is slidey while dense foam is grippy, so wrapping the mattresses in fur made them a lot easier to manhandle during the awkward process described in #2. Smart, huh? Well I gave no thought to the direction of the hairs. Unfortunately the mattresses ended up with hairs facing opposite directions, causing one to drift towards the back of the van, the other to drift toward the front. I pull them flush, and after a day the difference is about 8″. Crazy!

#4: Specificity. Remember how proud I was of my contoured mattresses and perfectly positioned snaps? (If you don’t that’s okay, it’s right here.) Well they bit me on the ass, cause the result is I can’t just turn the mattresses over to solve #3.

My 3:40am solution to all of the above was to rip it all apart. I took the fur off both mattresses so that the foam rested directly on the wood (grippy, won’t travel anywhere… temporarily fixes the crack problem and the drift problem), then lay one fur cover on top of both, then put the fitted sheet on top of that. This solution to flaws #1 and #3 made flaw #2 worse, but I solved that one by deciding to never ever ever convert to bench mode again.

Flaws resolved? Not really, but I’m not going to let it keep me up at n… aw geez.