Too many nights in Waves, belly bloated from sugar, giving money I don’t have to a cafe chain I don’t believe in… Not having your own home is okay, but not having your own internet sucks!

It’s time to get serious about this routine I keep talking about, both so that I can get down to business with school applications and portfolios, and also so that I can learn how to live this lifestyle sustainably. I want to spend less and be more active. The downtown public library is open til 9pm most days and has a million places to plug in and use the free wifi, so there’s no excuse to be paying for it. And I have an unlimited yoga pass, so there’s no excuse to only be going once a week. And I’ve discovered that the Britannia pool is free if you get there before 8:30, simply because the cashier hasn’t started yet. It should be so simple: very light meal, swim, then yoga, lunch, then the library.

I’ve been loving the novelty of being able to go wherever I want to sleep, but being in a new neighbourhood every day and walking everywhere means every day the planning has to start from scratch, and often the hassle means things just don’t get done. So for the time being I’m going to stay close to the closest thing I have to home: Commercial Drive. I’ll still move the van once a day, and I’ll still have the daily photos, but I’ll leave off exploring other parts of the city until either I’m so successful at ‘routine’ that I’m bored of it, or I’m finished all my applications and am free to pick a new project. Then I’ll choose a new neighbourhood. Sound good?