I sleep like a champ in the van. My body used to wake up naturally around 7am; now it’s more like 8:30 or 9. I think it’s because I’ve made it so light-tight, far darker than any inside bedroom I’ve ever had. I made window panels instead of using curtains because I wanted extra extra privacy: I wanted to be able to have lights on inside with people outside not even knowing I was there, and in that I think I was pretty successful, so I’m not calling this a design flaw so much as a complication. Two issues came up.

One is that the polystyrene they’re made of is way too brittle… one panel in particular gets moved around a lot and has broken in a couple of places. I think I can strengthen them by wrapping the polystyrene in packing tape, giving them a stronger skin. That would mean a lot of tape though, and it would also be a lot of work unsewing all the fabric I’ve wrapped them in, and then re-sewing it after.

The other problem is that water vapour condenses between them and the windows and gets trapped there, so I’m going to have to periodically take the panels out to let things dry if I don’t want mildew. I hope once a week will be enough: that fits with my plan of having weekends off ‘work’, visiting friends and staying inside on their couches. (This weekend I’m at Veronica’s place. Thanks Vero!)

None of this would be a problem if I were confident about drilling into the van walls. I could mount some real hardware that would allow stronger panels, tighter fit, and easier removal or even just a slightly open position for venting & drying.

Hmm. If I could drill holes in the van that would also drastically change how I’d design the bed… I’m going to have to look into this.