I want to compile a list of the advantages of living in a van. No rent is the most obvious, mobility is the second most obvious. The possibility that it might (temporarily) attract certain kinds of adventure-loving women is a good one. A less famous advantage is that you never have to do the dishes. You also never have to sweep, and you never have to clean the bathroom. However there are some chores you can’t get out of.

Laundry… yup, I still do that. Well actually I don’t, I’ve discovered that for $8 I can drop off my laundry and pick it up later in the day, all folded and smelling nice. The difference between $8 and what I’d spend on the machines and soap and softener is definitely worth the two hours I don’t have to spend in the laundromat. And I had actually budgeted $10 a week for laundry, so I’m still ahead of the game. Well, that game.

Making the bed… this is the most difficult and important chore I have. Doing it right takes about half an hour of back and forth between the back of the van and the side of the van but it’s worth it, because it means I don’t fall in the crack and I don’t wake up with cold air somehow getting under the covers. And if I do a really good job it doesn’t come undone for three or four days!

Drying the inside of the windows… This is the only thing I have to do every single day, and I’m getting really tired of it. Every morning when I wake up the front windows (the ones that don’t have panels… i take back all the mean things I said about those panels) are covered with water. Water anywhere inside the van is a bad thing. But neither cloths nor paper towel soak up the water, I have no idea why. So I bought a squeegee thing without the foam part, just a good rubber blade. I work the inside of the windshield with that, and all the water pours onto the dash, and from there I soak it up with paper towel. I know, I know, the trees… I can’t use cloths because then I wouldn’t be removing the water from the van, I’d just have a wet cloth that won’t have any way to dry. With the paper towel I can take it straight to the first garbage can I find as I start my day. What’s that? I could find recycled newspaper to soak it up instead of paper towel… ? That’s a great idea, thanks!!!

That’s it, that’s all I have to do. I kinda miss doing dishes actually.