800 block Commercial Drive, at Venables. This isn’t the intersection that Womyn’s Ware is at, it’s the intersection that Uprising Bakery is at… between Venables and Adanac there are actually two parallel Commercial Drives. Surprisingly quiet til about 8am. Anyway the photo is from the Prophouse Cafe, across Venables from Uprising. The owner has been renting props to the movie industry for years, and now he’s opened up part of his warehouse as a cafe. This place is amazing!!! Velvet paintings, melty plastic lamps, porcelain jaguars teeny to enormous, Steampunk espresso machine, a piano you can play, hundreds of records you’re welcome to put on the stereo, cheap food ($3.5o for the biggest piece of apple pie I’ve ever seen, $3.00 for quiche) and internet. And it’s a block from Britannia. In other words, my new second office!