I’ve been talking about this routine that I’m working towards, and I’m pretty pleased with my progress; for the last two, almost three weeks I’ve gone to yoga and the pool and the library about five days each week. But for all my time at the library, work on my school applications has been moving forward slowly, and with the deadlines coming up in mid February and early March, it’s becoming really important that I buckle down. My big job right now is perfecting my letters of intent (many thanks to Shirley and Carmen and Ocean for the feedback), but I want to finish with that soon, so I can really focus on the most intimidating part, the portfolios.

I’ll be in Nanaimo for the next few days, but when I get back I’m going to tighten things up a bit. I’ve decided that my ‘weekends off’ at friends’ houses can either be further apart, or only one day long, or that I might just wait until I really feel like I need a break. This blog might have to take a back seat too for a while, fun as it is. So if the entries here are a little further apart that’s a good thing, it’s s sign that I’m working hard ;)