I’ve said the van isn’t a good place to hang out. Which is too bad, I did put a lot of thought into designing the bed so that it could convert into a bench for daytime use. And there are times during the day when I’d just like to be in my own private place, not in public every moment of the day. But I’ve found that the conversion is too big a pain in the ass, mainly because of my attachment to sheets and blankets.

There’s something about real sheets and blankets that comforts me. Beyond that, for me they’re a part of what it means to be civilized. Sleeping in a sleeping bag would feel like camping, whereas sleeping in a made bed feels like a real home, even if it’s teeny. And of course, sheets and blankets are much easier to share with guests.

Meanwhile, a sleeping bag would allow me to turn my bedroom into a living room and back with much less hassle….

Ah geez. A duvet, duh!