I had an americano around 6pm. Should’ve known better.

Generally I get into the van and right under the covers and temperature isn’t a problem. But tonight, not being able to sleep, I watched a movie, read for a while, and not moving around much must’ve dropped my body temperature. Well, most of me was fine, but my feet were like little icicles.

In Ashtanga yoga there’s a kind of breathing called Ujjayi where you constrict your throat muscles, so that your breath slows down, and it makes a loud rushing sound as you breathe it in and out. It’s supposed to heat your body up, which I guess helps you get bendier. Anyway I thought I’d give it a try. And it worked! I noticed a difference after ten minutes, and after twenty I was downright toasty through and through. Give it a try next time you’ve got chilly toes.

I should warn you though, it doesn’t actually help you sleep.