The showers aren’t the only reason I’m going to the pool. I used to be a pretty avid bicyclist, but that was one of the things I had to give up moving into the van; there’s just nowhere to put a bike. I needed another way to stay active, furthermore I was never a strong swimmer and here was an opportunity to get better at it. I took a few lessons as a kid, but they didn’t stick very well.

The first time I went, a month ago now, I only did one lap. The next time I was able to do three, with rests in between, before I was tuckered out. Now I’m going every day, doing ten of breast stroke, and a few more of other strokes. The most important difference is, whereas I used to approach each end of the pool with gasping mad desperation and relief, now I’m just tired and exhilarated. I feel safe now; I guess that’s a kind of empowerment.

I also love the communityness of it. Most people there during the day are between 40 and 70, a whole range of ethnicities… people I just don’t come across in the other parts of my life.

I think by now even if I had a home with a shower I’d never use it, cause I shower every day at the pool, and I want swimming to stay a daily part of my life. I’m hooked!