Parker street, just up from Salisbury. I’ve always wanted to know the story behind this place. All I can find online is a reference in some city files about heritage designation for a house in Mount Pleasant that’s a replica of the house at 1829 Parker. At night you can see lights on, but only in the back. Today when I was taking this photo I saw the note on the door, and my curiousity got the better of me. I climbed the stairs with my heart beating, just like a little kid on a dare to knock on the door of the haunted house. In this case I think fear is justified, as the roof of the porch really could fall down any second. I could smell decay. Anyway, the note politely asks visitors to wait patiently, as it takes the resident a long time to get to the door. I asked the folks at Bump ‘n Grind about the house, and one of them said that its only resident is the man who built it himself. That doesn’t seem possible, but whoever it is in there, I hope he’s okay. If anyone knows any more about this place, please let me know.

Here’s another photo, courtesy of the ‘street view’ feature in Google Maps (totally creepy in its own right):