I knew it, I fucking knew it. Moisture is the enemy, I just wasn’t at all expecting where it would find me: under the bed! BLECCCHHH!! Mold, between the mattress and the plywood bed platform.

I’m not one of those sweaty sleepers, I swear! But I guess if even a little bit of moisture gets under the mattress it has no way to get out, and that plus the delicious wood gives mold a lovely place to settle in and bear children. I’ve ripped it all apart and for now I’m just letting it dry: fortunately this coincides with a trip to the island so hopefully when I get back in a week it’ll be done. Although I learned today that mold spores can survive in dry environments, they just can’t propagate. So the next step, when I get back (I just didn’t have time to do it before leaving today), is to blast the little motherfuckers with bleach and a scouring pad, see how they like that. Meantime get a mattress cover with a vapour barrier.