Big day today. Some people got up early to watch the Governator carry a torch through Stanley Park. Others got ready to protest the olympics… not the games themselves but the way our government can find 6 billion dollars for this massive party while brazenly cutting comparatively cheap services for our most vulnerable citizens. KD Lang rocked the opening ceremonies. And of course one young athlete died.

For the most part I’d like to keep my blog an Olympic-news-free zone… there’s more than enough of that elsewhere. But at the same time I can’t pretend to be totally oblivious to the madness that’s overwhelming my city right now.

Well, today was big for me because I spent several hours drilling vent holes, which means tonight will be my first night back in the van, wahoo! Needless to say, I’ll look under the mattress in the morning to see if this did the trick. I’ve heard from many people about their experiences with mold and damp under foam mattresses, so I don’t feel so bad anymore… turns out our skin really does breathe vapour all night, blecch. Well now I get why beds are constructed the way they are.

More gratitude is in order… Kristie and Russ were my hosts for the drilling, and I’ll be sleeping in their back yard tonight. Yummy dinner too, thanks guys!