46th & Killarney Street, way south of my usual haunts. Sooo peaceful. Had another beautiful morning: went for a swim here at Killarney Pool first, then sat in the sun eating breakfast, then came to the Champlain Library to use the internet. I have to say, this glorious weather makes the difference between vandwelling being really great, and vandwelling being absolutely phenomenally fantastic.

I’m in the south end of town because today I have my first work as an extra! Back when I first moved into the van I registered with a “talent” agency, and they finally gave me a call. It’s not even for a film, it’s a commission by the airport to have a lot of bodies there with baggage, so they can run through their procedures and make sure they’re ready to deal with all the departing olympic visitors. Should be… well, dull. But it’s an extra $75, which makes me very very happy.