The last two weeks were hard. I had more expenses than usual, and my normal strategy of spending indiscriminately and letting more money arrive when it needs to… didn’t really work this time. And it didn’t work even sooner than it normally doesn’t work. I have to say, I learned a lot. It was really interesting to notice how many times a day I felt an urge to snack on something or to buy something, and to know that if there had been money in my pocket I would have obeyed that impulse every time. It was interesting to allow myself to feel hunger, and to recognize it as the real signal I should wait for to eat. It was interesting to accept charity on a couple of occasions.

(I want to interject with a cute little story here: the night I went to Tanya Tagaq and Michael Red (I had paid for the ticket in advance, with the last of my credit… you see where my priorities are) I ran into my friends Dave and Marketa. After the show they treated me to another event down the street, and when they were ready to go home each one of them snuck a five dollar bill into my hand. I don’t think they coordinated this, they’re just really kind people.)

Okay back to my lessons… It was interesting to notice that despite the strategic problem of my poverty I still felt blissfully happy because vandwelling rocks. And it was interesting to notice that in my state of poverty my behaviour was actually healthier than usual. I’d really like to cultivate that health. Without the poverty part.

Today I found $33USD that I must have been carrying around since early September, when I was in the states last. On top of that, an old friend who lives far away was at long last able to pick up (and pay for) the stuff that she bought in my auction. And she brought me the most beautiful gift basket full of incredible local-to-Lasquete-made treats. On top of that, I get paid tomorrow.

I’m rich again! Now let’s see if I can remember the lessons I’ve learned…