When I was wee I used to take violin lessons, but I hated practicing, because I didn’t want anyone to hear my imperfect playing. I practiced with barely even half a heart, and ditched it entirely whenever I could get away with it, so it’s no surprise that my violin skills never got very far.

Do something every day and you’re bound to get good at it. Since I have my showers at the pool I swim every day. But by now I could also say since I swim every day I have my showers at the pool. It’s become a daily practise. I’ve become a much better swimmer, which is great, but what’s even better is that it’s become a kind of… what to call it? A meditation? A devotion? A new relationship with one of the elements that deepens every day, and that turns me into a completely different kind of animal. I’m offered housesitting gigs all the time, or people tell me I can come use the shower at their house, and while I’m touched and honoured by the offers, they aren’t even a little bit tempting to me. I have my daily practice, and I love it.

Vandwelling has given me another daily practice of course, which is this blog. Lots of times I didn’t really feel like writing, but I kept it up out of a sense of duty, and by that I don’t mean something onerous, I mean a sense that I’ve started something that involves all of you, and I want to do it properly. That means a daily practice of recording, of sharing, hopefully of entertaining or provoking thoughts. My writing and my photos have changed in that process, I think for the better. For that I’m very grateful!