5th & Pine. This is a little demo living wall outside Lighthouse, a non-profit resource centre for sustainable building. They’ve got displays of various green materials and systems, how-to manuals, expert advice, and special financing options for people wanting to build or renovate sustainably.

Just after midnight I heard a car come to a stop across the street from me and rev the engine. Shortly after that I heard pounding, something very heavy slamming into concrete. What the…? I imagined that people were trying to bust through a cinderblock wall in a bank, trying to get into the vault. Of course there is no bank there, just an auto repair place; still, I thought I should do something. I couldn’t see what was really going on though, and I was afraid that if I took a window panel off so I could see the gangsters would see movement and blast me! Amazing what you imagine when you can’t see what’s going on. My moral dilemma was resolved when they left about a minute later. I peeked out… no hole in the wall, no bleeding victim, no nothing. Whew!

After three months in the van, that was my first moment of fear, and it was all in my head.