Abbott & Cordova.

I used to have a pretty serious Grand Theft Auto addiction. Most people know the game for its sex and violence, but what I loved was the simple pleasure of ignoring traffic lights and parking regulations. It’s in that spirit of trivial disobedience that I chose last night’s parking spot. The Woodwards complex appears to be mostly up and running, but among the bits left unfinished are the parking meters on Cordova. There aren’t any, so it’s a block of free parking, right next to downtown. With the buses and the drunk people coming out of the Cambie it was one of the noisiest places I’ve ever parked, but still I got a strange pleasure out of being there, hidden away in my van watching a few episodes of the West Wing before bed. I’m spending today downtown just to take advantage of my free parking.

The photo shows one tower of the Woodwards building, the one that’s all market housing. The red panels you see are trellises for ivy, so one day the building’s stripes will be green instead of red. The other tower, which includes about 100 units of social housing, for some reason doesn’t have panels or ivy.