Vulcan Way, Richmond.

The couple are Mouka and Moussi (yes really, though I’m probably spelling the names wrong), and they’re waiting to get into the Saturday Market at Sun-Opta Distributers. High-end organic food stores like Capers aren’t really into discounting large quantities of items when they get near the best-before-date, so they sell them back to this distributer, who opens up the warehouse to the public every Saturday at 9am. There’s a little community of people who come at 8am every week, leave their bins in a line by the door, and go have breakfast at Ikea down the road. By 8:59 today the line-up had about 30 people, and when the doors opened friendships were put aside as people rushed in, just about falling over each other to get to the best deals. Inside I met Mickey (yes really), the super-nice floor manager who couldn’t let me take pictures of the warehouse without higher approval (who didn’t work on Saturday). Despite my intentions to not buy a thing, I ended up with a case of Clif bars and a stainless steel water bottle for under $10!

Many, many thanks to Syd for telling me about this.