a) Old Marine Drive. This is where I decided to sleep for the night, but it’s not where I ended up staying; for the first time ever someone (Pacific Spirit park officers that is) knocked on the van and told me I couldn’t stay. I knew it was dodgy when I went in: there’s a sign on the park gate that says it’s closed and locked at 9pm, but it was 10:30 when I drove in so I was hoping that maybe they’d forgotten that night, or that they’d just lock me in without looking. No such luck, but they were fairly nice about it. I came back in the morning for the photo cause it’s a really cool spot. From here you can hike down to a sludgy marsh that leads west to Wreck Beach.

b) South Campus Rd. My next spot after being booted out of the park was at the gates of the nursery that serves the UBC Botanical Gardens. Right smack between the UBC Farm and the world’s largest superconducting cyclotron. Weird, but a very peaceful place to spend a saturday night.