Day Road, Roberts Creek.

Throughout this vandwelling adventure I’ve had the luxury of being rather self-absobed. I’m not ashamed of it; I think everyone needs some time to be responsible to no one but him or herself, and I’m grateful that this opportunity has lasted so long. But I always knew at some point I’d have to re-connect with responsibilities of some kind.

Yesterday I arrived at Rolling Earth, a farm/retreat in Roberts Creek run by my friends Joah & Brett. I caught just the tail end of a weekend-long work party, and found myself a little overwhelmed by the bustle. Musical performances, energetic children, communal meals and lots of dirty dishes, an aggressive regiment of buttercup to rip out of the garden, project ideas, permaculture conversations… this morning I resisted coming back to wakefulness for as long as I could, just because it’s all so different from my very easy, very private life. Learning’s hard, but that’s why I’m here: to learn about growing food, about raising a family, about building local community, about working hard on a daily basis. I think of these things as responsibilities; I want to learn to think of them as joys.

I did decide that total immersion in this life was maybe too sudden for me, so I went into Sechelt for a swim and found that reconnecting with that part of my routine helped me feel a lot more solid. I came back and pulled more weeds, caught some loose chickens (my new favourite activity… I might help some more escape just so I can catch them again), walked the dog to the secret Roberts Creek waterfall, had a yummy dinner with the fam. It was a really beautiful day, and I’m very glad I’m here.