Hi folks, sorry it’s been so long since I posted, I just haven’t been as nomadic as usual. I’m still on the farm in Roberts Creek, and I still go to the pool in Sechelt every couple of days. On weekends I’ve been leaving the van here and going back to Vancouver for some event or other.

I’ve always tried to keep my entries on this site quite specific to vandwelling, and now I’m finding I have less and less to say on the topic. The truth is I seem to be moving on to the next phase of this adventure, which will be less about wandering around wide-eyed exploring everything, and moreĀ about getting to work on building projects. These projects are starting to fall into place: some will be here on this farm, some will be elsewhere on the Sunshine Coast and the Gulf Islands, and I have a few to work on at my mom’s place too. Living in a van has become so natural that it’s almost irrelevant to the other things going on in my life. And since my focus has changed I just don’t have the time every day to work on photos and writing for the blog.

So, sadly, entries here will be much fewer and further between. I’m sure every so often something will pop into my head to write about, so this isn’t really goodbye yet. Still, it’s a good time to thank all of you who read along and encouraged me, you played a part in the success of this experiment. I’m very grateful, thank you!

Best of luck on your own adventures :)


Update: there’ll be no building projects for me, as it turns out this summer will be about math… see above :(