I’ve been burned before by putting all my eggs in one basket, so when I was looking at architecture schools I decided on three to put in applications for, mainly to trick the universe into thinking that I was taking the process seriously. Really I knew which one I wanted, and the others were only oh-alright back-up plans. Well I started to get a little nervous over the last week or so because I’d gotten a big fat no from the two schools I didn’t want, and hadn’t heard anything from the one I did, despite how late it was getting. To me that said they’d probably offered the first round of spots to other people and needed to get confirmations from them.

Whether that’s the case or not, they called yesterday and invited me to join them, with a few provisions (there’s a pre-req I still need). So come late summer I’ll be driving my little home out to Halifax and going to Dalhousie.