A friend told me that once upon a time she’d thought of becoming an architect too, but she’d been discouraged by the math involved. Is this common knowledge, that being an architect means doing math? No one told me! And somehow in the process of applying to architecture school I missed the fact that fairly high-level math is a pre-requisite to get into the program.

Dalhousie decided to give me a chance to make up that pre-requisite instead of just rejecting my application, and for that I am extremely grateful. Knowing that I’m a somewhat bright fellow I didn’t worry myself too much about it, I just signed up for a distance ed calculus course and waited for the material to arrive. Well the last time I did math was in high school twenty years ago; needless to say when the stuff arrived, it was totally senseless to me. I have a lot of catching up to do before I can even start the course.

There really is a vandwelling reason I bring this up, it’s not just that I want y’all to feel sorry for me. I’m getting to it… So here I am, doing math. All day every day, math math math. Except I don’t have a lot of stamina; my eyes go furry and my brain seizes up after an hour, sometimes less. So I take lots of little breaks, and I just try to be pretty rigorous about getting back to work. As it turns out, van life actually helps me break things up. It involves changing the scenery: when I’m sick of the library, I go work in the van for a while. And when I’m done with that I go to a café for a while, or maybe for my swim. Then back to the van, and when I’m really feeling squirmy then it’s time to drive somewhere… off to a park, or the beach… it’s still just me and my math in the van, but I’ve had a little driving break, and I can be anywhere I want. Now I’m in a new peaceful environment, all re-charged and ready to uh… do more math. Crazy.