Robson & Richards, Thursday night. Two reasons this was a significant vandwelling evening: it marked my first night parking/sleeping right in the heart of downtown, and it was also the night of the very first post-renovation van party! After the super-testosterone charged Glitch Mob show, four friends and I piled into the van and had wine and late night appies, laughing our asses off and making fun of the downtown crowd passing by the window… then along came a group of very attractive steampunkish kids we recognized from the show. We asked them how their night went and their answer was to offer us some freestyle rhymes and beatboxing in through the window, all mushroom-warped dub style… it was these guys! Bottomless thanks to Trevor, Jay, Miranda, Niki, The Funginears, and the GM for a night of ridonculous fun. And an especially big thank you to Trevor for his quick draw on the iphone, capturing the moment forever… Here’s the clip: