Squamish Valley.

This story breaks my heart. One of my plans for this summer was to volunteer at Basscoast The Sequel, a phenomenally beautiful festival full of phenomenally beautiful people starting right now on the banks of a phenomenally beautiful river in the Squamish Valley. In fact I did that much, for one day at least. On Tuesday I went up to help with set-up, planning to stay for the week and right through the festival… thinking I’d be diligent with doing my math homework in between dancing and meeting people and getting sunburnt. Realistic, right? That first day I met lots of dazzling people and worked hard (mainly digging holes)… and finished one calculus problem. Not enough, not even close. Wednesday morning I woke up and had to face the fact that if I stayed math would be totally hopeless and I’d be losing another five days of study. Given that I’m still not even near finished the material nor do I understand what I have covered, given that my exam is in less than 3 weeks, and given that the next 4 years of my life and a 30-year dream are resting on it, I had to give up the festival. sniff.

If you’re free this weekend, get yourself down there, I went last year and there’s so much love that goes into it, it fills you up til it’s spilling out your ears. That’s where my heart will be. For all the people that do go, have an amazing time, and if you’re reading this after coming back, write a little something here about what it was like. And finally even though I can’t go I want to say thank you and big love to Liz, Andrea, and Andrea, AKA the Basscoast Girls, for doing what they do, it’s such important, beautiful work. You rock!!!