Wrote my calculus exam yesterday. I’m about 70% confident that I passed. If I did, that means Going Nomadic will head east to Halifax in one week!

In my life I’ve done a handful of things that I think are pretty cool: flown small planes, hiked the Inca Trail, quit smoking, sold all my stuff and moved into a van, overcome some personal challenges that I won’t get into here. Point is, I’ve never in my life worked as hard as I have for this math test, and whether I passed or not, for me it’ll stand as one of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever done. And yet it’s just a math test… people write them every day.

I think that’s just it. People do really amazing things every day. They give birth, they relocate, they help each other, they do scary things, sometimes they sacrifice their very values in order to survive. Every once in a while they’re given an opportunity to sit back and really notice how astonishing it all is.

So yay for me, and yay for whatever extraordinary thing you did today or last week or next year. And stay tuned for the next instalment of Going Nomadic; with luck it’ll be from somewhere on the road across Canada.