I passed the math test, which means I really do get to go to Halifax!

That’s especially great, because I left yesterday. I’ve never skipped town like this before; never left all of my friends and family and gone off to start a new life in a new town. Which is pretty funny, for a self-described ‘nomad’. Anyway, it’s hard. As a vandweller I didn’t really have to deal with the practicalities that other people do: selling/storing/shipping all their stuff, dealing with their old housing, finding housing in their new town before they’ve even arrived. On the practical side all I really had to do was fix the van, buy some groceries, and drive away. But on the emotional side, I was zoodled, zombocom, deer in the headlights. I said my goodbyes to the people I love hardly believing that it was really happening, and when people asked me if I was excited or how I was feeling, I was totally stumped at how to answer them. I’m still not sure how I feel, as I write this sitting in a cafe in Revelstoke after a hot sticky day of driving up the Fraser Canyon. Beautiful country, and I had a glorious swim in Shuswap Lake. But I’m still not “excited”. I think I’m still in the process of unwinding.

One thing I do know… I’m overwhelmed by all the love and kindness I received in those last days in Van. I kind of felt like a rock star. So… THANK YOU VANCOUVER!!! I LOVE YOU!!! GOODNIGHT!!