Spryfield. The weather here has been baking hot, so I had to find a place where I could either just sleep outside, or feel comfortable leaving the van wide open while I slept. In the city I was getting really discouraged, so I headed west where it looked like there were lakes and parks. By about 11pm I found a little suburb on a high hill, with a gentle breeze and a little overgrown field. After I’d been there a short while two deer trotted out of the field, looked at me cautiously, then clopped into this yard to eat fallen apples. Getting a photo wasn’t worth scaring them away with the flash.

My encounter with the deer gave me new hope, but I do have to say, I vastly underestimated how hard this was going to be. I know Vancouver intimately; whatever my vandwelling needs may be at any given time, there I know exactly where I can go that suites them. Here just finding a place that isn’t going to violate the parking restrictions is a challenge. I’m worried about the effort that it takes to find a spot each night: will I be able to afford that kind of time once classes start?

Halifax has half a dozen or so universities and colleges that are starting classes this month, and the whole town is full of moving trucks, piles of stuff out in the streets, people either coming or going. On the one hand of course I’m reminded how lucky I am to be travelling light. On the other, for the first time since I started this adventure last November I’m remembering how it feels to not have to work at having a place to go each night.