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on tour, with houseguests

Ah, finished another term in one piece, and I finally have a chance to catch my breath.

My window’s still busted: it’s been two weeks, and the glass people are still trying to track down a window that’ll fit. They put on a tough little piece of plastic as a temp, so the van is warm and a little bit more secure, but it still looks pretty sorry, all duct-taped together.

In happier news, my friend Angela arrived in town for a visit right on the day of my final crit. She’s a seasoned adventurer, so van life for her was no problem at all, and she’s little, so we both fit in there quite comfortably. How nice to have a houseguest, and see my old friend! We had a few days in Halifax while I tied up loose ends at school, and after that we went off on a mini maritime tour: eating, drinking, and smoking our way down to Peggy’s Cove and Lunenburg, up to Cape Breton Highlands Nat. Park, over to PEI, then back (with a slight detour to the world’s largest lobster). Olivia joined us for the PEI leg, which upped the ante. We played around in the red sand, saw the green gables, saw two beavers and three foxes, ate our first lobsters, saw some live music (the lead girl played a giant koto), and generally had an awesome time. I already knew how nice people from PEI were, but meeting all these nice people one after the other was ridiculous; one stranger thought we were stuck for a place to stay and offered us her living room. Weirdo!


drunk yahoos

Probably just an accident, but still, I want to send out a big fat “fuck you” to whoever smashed my window tonight. Douche bag!!!!