The last couple of months have been hard. And great, in lots of ways. And hard. And great. And hard.

I was pretty cocky, walking into Victoria thinking I could get a co-op job just by asking, in a town with only about a dozen little architectural firms and not much happening in the way of new construction. And by the time I gave up on Victoria and moved my search to Vancouver I was pretty late, most firms that wanted to hire students for the fall having already found them. And perhaps my portfolio wasn’t the strongest. Long story short, I didn’t find a position, and a research project (the other way of fulfilling the term’s requirements) wouldn’t have provided enough money to cover the following term. Even in a van, living costs money, which I’d run low on, and student loans don’t pay for much more than tuition. I had to figure out what to do. It was a hard decision, but in the end I chose to take a year to recoup, both money and energy. Hopefully I can also use the time to learn some extra skills that’ll help me secure a position next fall.

I never wanted this blog to be ‘the Jeremy’s life show’; I’ve always tried to keep it strictly related to vandwelling or new ways of thinking about ‘home’. But now that I’m running into these obstacles I’m starting to think that I have something else to chronicle. The last few years were about uprooting myself and chasing an old dream in an unconventional way, something lots of people might relate to. Well, sometimes the dream dances out of reach… and I think those times are just as important as the ones when everything seems to flow easily. So I’m going to expand the scope of these pages, to include thoughts and stories about chasing the dream. Stay tuned.