Woke up in Kentucky. One of my dear friends looooves bourbon, and I would love to be able to bring her some. Another dear friend loves country music and everything Nashville; a few hour later there I am driving right on by Nashville. I go past Memphis too, but I don’t mind not stopping at Graceland, I can’t think of any peeps that would really really love an Elvis souvenir.

I’m using an excel spreadsheet to keep track of my budget for the trip; given the money I have and what I hope to still have by the time I get back to Vancouver, I’ve whittled myself down to a food budget of $10 a day. I also have to be stingy with time; when I get back to BC I’ll need to get a job right away. Each extra day on the road costs more money and delays my capacity for bringing in new money.

But this should be an adventure, not a task. I’m making my way across a vast country full of amazing things to see; I can’t just drive by all of it.