AAaauuuuughh!! I still have many more entries to write about the road trip, but first I have some terrible news (the short version): my Nova Scotia insurance ran out just as I returned to BC. My new BC insurance required a safety inspection, aaaand the van didn’t pass. That was due both to wear on the vehicle (weird elbow joints and ball joints) and to strange attributes of being a right hand drive import (custom modificated headlights now required). Total cost to fix: $2000-2400. My net worth: a few hundred. Income: $0. I’ve just been accepted back to my old work on call, so hopefully some shifts will be coming soon.

But in the meantime, I don’t have my van, which means that I’m… well I don’t want to say homeless, because I have lots of kind friends I can stay with… let’s just say I’m even more nomadic than usual. More nomadic than I want to be.

So we’re having a fundraiser here at Going Nomadic, and Stage 1 is a 60/40 draw… in other words you can donate money to the cause, and in return you get a chance (or many chances) to win 40% of the total proceeds! Here’s the price breakdown:

  • 1 ticket = $10
  • 2 tickets = $15
  • 3 tickets = $20
  • 5 tickets = $30

You can get the tickets from me in person if you’re in Vancouver (if you don’t have my contact info you can reach me by making a comment below), or you can get them online by donating at Paypal (see the link at the top right there?). I’ll put the tickets aside for you and email you their numbers. The draw will happen at 9pm on Sunday Nov 20 at the Brickhouse, 730 Main street, in Vancouver. I invite all of you to come on down for the draw, partly so that you can see that everything’s being done fair and square, and partly because I have to turn everything into a party :)

I know things are hard for everyone these days, so even if you can’t afford a ticket yourself, you could help me out by spreading the word far and wide. Thanks everyone!


Hamster in LA

Hamster in New Mexico

Hamster in Oklahoma

Hamster in New York