Speaking of the scenic route… I’m back in Halifax, here to pick up my baby. I couldn’t live in BC without my van for a full year, and I also couldn’t leave it where it was. Shipping it out to BC would’ve cost about $2200, so I decided to pick it up myself and take the long way home: Halifax to New York, to Oklahoma, to New Mexico, to California, then home up the coast. This route takes me to see family on both my maternal and paternal sides, family I don’t see enough and some of whom I’ve never even met… I’m very excited.

People asked me if I was relieved to be sleeping inside when I was in BC. I tell them it was alright. But sleeping my first night back in the van, that was great. All snug and warm and dark, I slept like a baby til about 9:30. Spent yesterday and today getting everything ready: making sure registration and insurance were in order, getting a new tire, figuring out what to do with models and drawings and tools from school.

Today was also for dropping in on Occupy Halifax at the Grand Parade. So good! Not quite as many people as I would have hoped, but sweet and committed and hopeful. The Peoples’ Mic (a call-and-answer system of unplugged amplification developed in New York because the police wouldn’t allow the occupiers to use loudspeakers) has already been embraced far beyond its functional purpose. It unites the crowd, keeps everyone engaged, it’s fun, and it’s a symbol of how this movement is already so different from what’s happened before. What an amazing time in history. My route, half-coincidentally, takes me through New York, LA, San Francisco, and several other American cities where the occupy movement is strong, so I plan to visit as many of them as I can.

Honestly, I’d rather be working in an architectural office, but this trip is going to be a pretty fantastic consolation prize.