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Home #96

Inlet Ave, Sechelt.

I take back what I said yesterday about parking in small towns… the problem was more that when I rolled into town it was dark and I was tired. In the daylight yesterday I found a perfect little spot in the middle of town, right by the ocean.

At home, the best thing about being sick is that you can really wallow. I love¬†grumpily throwing my used kleenex all over the floor, letting dishes pile up, not bathing… you don’t get many opportunities to do that. In the van though it’s the opposite: I need everything to be perfect. No gap between the two halves of the mattress, no loosy goosy sheets, van perfectly level, books and clothes all in their proper places. So I did a major cleaning yesterday, and that helped. Did my usual swim, and that helped (Sechelt has a beautiful pool by the way). I also took cold medication which is something I usually avoid, and I slept beautifully, snug as a bug in a rug. I’m still um, expectorating, but I’m feeling much better.


Home #95

Rockwood Park, Sechelt. Trying to find a place for the night in a small town like this is very different. Maybe I’m fooling myself, but in Vancouver I usually feel pretty anonymous, whereas here I feel very, very conspicuous. Plus everywhere I went it said very clearly no overnight parking. Finally managed to find a weird little mini parking lot that didn’t seem attached to anything and didn’t have any signs, just a few hundred feet from the pool.

The bad news is I don’t have allergies, I have a really nasty cold. Slept poorly, was either sweating or freezing all night, can’t breathe… back when we were all afraid of H1N1 I had a thought that one serious disadvantage of living in a van is that it’s not a very comforting place to be when you’re sick. I guess now’s my chance to find out what it’s really like!